Connect Alexa dot to wifi

Echo Dot is the most affordable model in all the Alexa devices. You may call it as the easiest way to get yourself in the world of voice assistants. Echo Dot has been given a fresh new look. Which is more in line with its fabric-lined brethren and also improved audio quality. Amazon Echo is a simple speaker and Alexa is an application. To Connect Echo dot to wifi Follow the important and useful instruction to connected echo to wifi:

  • Enter your Amazon account documentation press sign in Now you will be required to give permission to Alexa to access your contacts and notifications Tap on the menu catch on the upper right corner of the page and snap Settings on the drop-down box.
  • After then set up a new device which will appear on your screen and click ok then
    Choose the suitable device type from the list and tap on connect Alexa echo to the wifi button.
    Place the Alexa Echo Dot at a central location at least 8 inches away.
  • Plug a power adapter into the Echo Dot and a socket.
    Now the app may ask to connect it via your Smartphone’s wireless settings.
    Follow the instructions shown on the screen to connect through wifi to a custom named Amazon network.
  • Now a confirmation message will appear on the screen. When Alexa connects with the network tap on Continue.
  • A list of available wifi networks will appear now select the network with which you want to connect Alexa echo to wifi and enter a password if the cause.

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