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How to Setup Echo Dot Setup and Download Alexa App?


Well, in this world Alexa Dot is a hands-free smart speaker were work is based on voice recognition software process. If you want to setup Alexa through Wi-fi just have most of your work accomplished by instructing the device. The inbuilt features support speaker devices to enable mobile calls and send text messages.

With you can also setup Alexa to Wi-fi and can have most of work done by guiding to the device. The compromised features also support speaker devices to have phone calls and send text messages. You can also manage smart home devices likewise lights, garage doors, music and much more. You just need to pair the device after Alexa Echo App Download, Echo Dot Setup Service, Download Alexa App and Echo Dot Setup.


What is simple guide to set up Echo App Setup Download through Wi-fi?


Download The Alexa App

It’s quite simple to find Alexa app directly from play store on the smartphone devices. You can download it for free and use the browser with Fire OS 3.0, Android 5.4 or higher. You can also get Alexa App directly for Windows Applications.

Just Turn on The Speaker

You can place the Alexa Dot Speaker in center of a room with at least 20 centimeters away from the corner of room.

Connect the Speaker to Wi-Fi network for echo dot app download

Well, if you want to set up Alexa echo download just follow the guidelines instructions of Alexa App. The app will guide up the process to press action button. You must open the Alexa App and download Alexa App for Windows. Still, if the process fails just restart the device by removing the device again and resetting it to factory settings.

How can you connect download Alexa app for windows?

Now easily connect with Alexa and process to set up Amazon Dot WIFI just say the word “ HELLO ALEXA”  to get started.

Now Connect Echo Dot Setup Service to WIFI

An amazon Echo Device is a smartest speaker that does multiple things to make your daily activities in simplest form. The voice is controlled and responded to the word “ Alexa”. You can also play music of your choice and get information from the internet. You can also have news report where you can control smart home devices. You can set up Alexa to Wi-fi networks all the times. Just have a look to following steps and connect Alexa to Wi-fi to get started.

  • Connect Echo app download to WIFI
  • Assure that Amazon Echo Device is connected.
  • Download Alexa App on your smart phone, tablet or create an Alexa account to sign in.
  • Tap to go to settings menu in left panel of Alexa App.
  • Once, started you have to connect Echo Dot Setup Service.
  • Go to Set up a new device option.
  • Tap to switch on Echo device and hold action button.
  • Wait for few seconds to ring light when it turns orange to red.
  • You will see a greeting message “Welcome to Alexa”


You have to choose the home network from list of Wi-Fi networks and connect Alexa to WI-FI networks. Just punch in WIFI networks password to reset and set up Alexa to get connected. Since, you are unable to find out your network just refresh it and sign in again. You have to be sure to make any mistakes and type password. You can also see password option in show menu. Just tap to connect your Echo device once it is connected to WIFI networks just get a confirmation message to set up Alexa.




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