Fishing On Marco Island In The River

If you are like about 80% of the Quebec population, you live along the fishing on marco island Valley. You don’t know it yet, but you are a future fisherman blessed by the gods! A large number of great places to learn about fishing can be found on the shores of our magnificent fishing on marco island and at the mouths of its main tributaries.

A good thing to know: the mouths of rivers that flow into the river generally present good places for fishing. Indeed, there is a great variety of fish species there, because the water is well oxygenated and food is abundant. And when fishing from a dock or the shore, no need for a boat! Fishing in the river is simple and inexpensive.

If you have the heart of an adventurer and the seafarer, know that several fishing guides offer all kinds of excursions on our majestic St. Lawrence River. Searching the Internet will help you find the package you need.

What equipment to take?

You can expect quite decent results with this simple equipment: a spinning rod , a sinker (a sinker), a hook and an earthworm. With this basic equipment, you will be able to fish for yellow perch, brook trout, catfish and even walleye and bass.

If you’re willing to put some money on some lures , you can get yourself some hardbait – they’ll come in handy when fishing for muskellunge, pike, walleye, and bass.

Of course, you can follow the advice of some experienced fishermen who could suggest more specific, and possibly more effective, gear for each of these species!

The fish from the river… can we eat them?

Absolutely! The river is full of fish to be hooked: bass, bullhead, catfish, striped bass,  pike , walleye , smelt , sturgeon, monkfish , muskellunge, perch , redfish, etc. While some are more appetizing than others, they are all edible.

And to find out the recommended number of meals per month for each species depending on the fishing location, consult the Guide to eating fish from freshwater sport fishing . The recommendations of the guide take into account the mercury content of the different species. In this regard, “urban” fish do not cut a better figure than their “country” cousins! In fact, mercury arrives in waterways with rainwater. Fish in all regions are therefore affected by this source of contamination – hence the importance of following official recommendations for the consumption of freshwater fish, whether they were caught in town or in the countryside!

Need a permit to fish in the river?

To fish on the bodies of water in Quebec, it is mandatory, with some exceptions , to have a valid fishing license. You must have it with you when you fish and be able to show it, on the spot, to a wildlife officer or assistant who requests it.

But, in some respects, the St. Lawrence River may be an exception to the rule. This is the case in the sections starting in Quebec City, downstream from the Pierre-Laporte bridge (zone 21), and in fishing on marco island, downstream from the Laviolette bridge (zone 7).

To find your way around, you should know that when we say “downstream of”, it means: the section that goes towards the gulf, then towards the ocean.

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