The body’s own protein building blocks, so-called <a href=””>peptides bodybuilding method</a>, play a central role in human metabolism. For example, they signal the body to start the skin’s repair mechanism.

The cosmetics industry uses this knowledge and uses peptides in some anti-aging products, explains the industrial association for personal care and detergents in the USA. You can recognize this from the fact that the word component “-peptide” <a href=”″>can be read on the list of ingredients</a>.

Peptides are used for hair care, for example in shampoos, conditioners and treatments. You can penetrate the inner hair structure (called the cortex) and strengthen the hair there, explains IKW expert Birgit Huber . Special active ingredient complexes are used in facial care – for example, peptides with vitamin B3, pro-vitamin B5 or vitamin E. “These active ingredient complexes stimulate the slow regeneration of mature skin, strengthen its structure and thus help to visibly reduce wrinkles,” said Huber.

Another group of peptides is also used to care for mature skin: poly-collagen peptides. The combination of peptides with collagen fragments, which take over the behavior of natural collagen fragments occurring in the skin, plays an important role in the natural repair process of the skin. “This process is mimicked in care products,” explains Huber. “The result is a reduction in lines and wrinkles. The appearance and suppleness of the skin improve.”

It’s in recent years that we now know the full extent of what peptides can actually do for us. From curing certain terminal illnesses to improving one’s skin and physique, peptides are certainly a miracle.