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Nowadays fast online shopping malls can bring a considerable profit markup and help your business to grow up into a selling giant selling affair like AirBnB, Booking.com or Amazon. At the first blush, building one seems rather complicated. But you can surely manage it with a little help from professionals and a good dose of planning and thinking. Some high-tech geeks prefer writing up their own website marketplace script. Of course, this way is easier for small online shops but not for multi seller platforms. The last ones are more complicated and need more hardware capacity. In this case it’s
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quicker and more reliable to opt for a professional ready-to-use solution.

Certainly, there exist dozens of them, all well-tested and feature-packed. But pay attention to minor details – they make all the difference, and here the choice is completely up to you. I suggest that you compose a list of must-have features and functions for the e-mall of your dream. This list will become a helping hand in creating your own marketplace site. Just surf the web for all more or less popular multi vendor platforms, and compare their functionality with your proper list. You don’t need to try all of them your own – usually the major features are enumerated in the product description on the product home page.