For almost four decades, Fidelity Warranty Services Inc. (FWS) has offered reliable goods and services to secure car savings when it is most important. As a loyal FWS client, you can be confident that your maintenance agreement will be honored for insured maintenance at over 6,000 operating service centers around the country.

We agree that purchasing a vehicle is a big decision and can be made with caution and consideration. Fidelity Warranty and its affiliates offer a number of solutions to assist you to select the right vehicle service package that is correct for your requirements. Read more on how to defend oneself and your family and friends.

FWS goods and services can be ordered over more than 3,800 retailers across the world. For further details or to locate a willing to participate repair shop in your city, please call (833) 831-9039. 


Based on the car’s lifespan and mpg, you can buy up to 120,000 miles of protection. The Car Insurance Package starts on the date of acquisition and ends on the basis of the duration and mileage chosen, whichever happens first, which can contain a deduction based on the choice picked. You may pick from either a regional program of over 6,000 approved support locations or any accredited repair warehouse in the U.S. or Canada.